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I often blog about how to localize your brand for the Japanese market. You should carefully examine if your brand attributes need to be localized. 

However, some companies can stay with consistent global brand attributes: Ritz and Oreo are the good examples. You see the cultural adjustments here but these TV commercials clearly show the same product attributes.

Ritz commercial

Ritz commercial in Japan


OREO commercial

OREO commercial  in Japan

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Toyota has launched a new model called “Sette” in Japan. Here is the interesting campaign they are implementing . Very different from what we perceive about Toyota in the United States. sette

This girl in the picture below is a famous Geisha Blogger from Kyoto (my hometown!) who generated a lot of international media buzz through her bilingual blogs (English & Japanese). I just found out that she is taking a short break from blogging.  Too bad but LakeOMedia hopes that she will come back soon!

To read her blogs, click here.  Elegant  web design too!


(Photo Source:  DayLife )

Watch this Japanese Mobile phone Commercial-  Cameron Diaz dancing around in the winter wonderland with Mariah Carey Christmas music-

Exclusively for Japan “ONLY.”

OK, I am from Japan, but I don’t get this at all.

Who cares,  in any case-

Happy Holidays from LakeOMedia and TokiOMedia!

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