October 2008

Public conversations for the rest of this/next  week will be nothing but politics so I will take a short break from this blog until the end of next week.



Dreams.   My business partner and I created this new image promo video for Lake Oswego Media, our new business venture.   We don’t have any promotional strategies behind this video, and were just having fun describing our dreams.


You won’t believe this, but I worked with this Japanese optical manufacturer very briefly to support their marketing activities in New York. (BTW, I am not joking. It was about 18 years ago when I was an international sales/PR representative for an optical trade show in NY…)

Happy Halloween Week!


(Source: REUTERS/Carlos Barria)

I always love nonprofit ads and this is my one of my favorites lately. 

This video explains really well why I strongly believe that scientific research is vitally important when you decide key messages & tag lines for marketing. Consistency is important, but only if you really know that your key messaging strategy  works….

“Assumption” is horrifying.

(Disclaimer: This posting has nothing to do with any political views.)

Enjoy this great music clip over martini.  (click the pic to view the music clip.)

Have a great weekend!

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