I truly HATED this movie when it was released. I really did. 

A few months ago, I watched the movie again with my nerdy housemate.  He remembered that he had hated the movie too. After watching the movie together, a weird thing happened.


We both loved the movie this time.


We kept discussing why we hated it back then and why we love it now. 

– The conclusion: We miss the magical moment of “You’ve Got Mail.” And I am NOT talking about online dating. I am talking about communications.

OK, I wrote about this before. 

Email was a “Magic” back then.  I mean it really was a magic. Whether you were using AOL or other email services, I do remember the excitement of opening my email application after coming back home from work, and hearing the voice of “YOU’ve GOT MAIL!” or see a pop-up saying “YOU HAVE NEW EMAIL.”

And when you opened them one by one, you had the most stimulating moments of the day, after long hours of working hard.

Email used to be exciting, personal, and extremely intimate.

When was your last intimate & exciting moment of “YOU’ve  GOT MAIL!” ? 

I have been missing this delicious anticipatory shiver for long time.