This is so weird.

Sarah Palin, Fashion Trends, and Japan.  The most peculiar conceptual combination I have heard of recently.

READ: Telegraph UK : “Sarah Palin Prompts Surge in Demand for Kawasaki Designer Glasses” (Sep. 12)

READ: Telegraph UK : “Sarah Palin Fever Boosts Wig Sales as Women Go for her “look””  (Sep. 12)

OK, I am NOT political, and I WILL NOT talk about anything political in this blog, So I will not elaborate what I thought about this news, in order to avoid any misunderstanding. However, it is just strange that “Sarah Palin” likes a particular “Tokyo designer” for her eye glasses.  Just weird. It just does not sound natural. Mr. Kawasaki  has always been famous, but now he is even more famous.  



Yes, Kawasaki’s eyeglasses with this edgy + industrial design have been very popular in Japan, but I know Palin’s hair style and fashion will never be a new fad in Japan.

Personally, though, I am more interested in Palin’s shoes. (Real examples below from Associated Press)