There are billions of great and useful websites out there. I keep bookmarking ones I fell in love with, thinking “Yeah, this site is very useful and cool so I would love to come back more often.”  And I have hundreds of them. And what happens is that I eventually forget many of them or never come back to them. The other problem is that I often think “Yeah, I loved that site and I need to find it again” and cannot remember the name of the site or the URL.   QUESTION: What makes a site sticky to your brain, without bookmarking?

This site is one of the excellent examples of “sticky websites”.  I am confident I don’t need to bookmark this site in order to come back.

READING: What’s the DIFF? “ is simply the DIFF” (September 10)

The only problem is that this site may not stick to brains of Portlanders and Londonians. But it may become sticky to brains of New Yorkers or Tokyo businessmen.