September 2008

I am not political, but I try to catch up with news everyday. In addition, I always LOVE photos by Associated Press.  Isn’t this picture **MESMERIZING***?  I will probably dream about this tonight.

The picture is by Pablo Martinez Monsivais , one of my favorite AP photographers.

 (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

And this is another of my favorites by the same photographer. (source:


In 2006, the Department of Public Works in San Francisco implemented the campaign called “Graffiti Watch,” a citywide volunteer project to prevent and remove graffiti from public property. These were the advertisements that they used to promote the campaign.

Question: Don’t these ads make you feel like grabbing a spray paint can and spraying all over instead? I don’t know how effective these ads were to meet their campaign goals, but am curious what people’s reactions were like..

We are inundated with  emails from friends, families, and colleagues. Things get too much when we feel we MUST nicely reply to these emails one by one in order to maintain good relationships with them.

However, I want to keep my life simple.  I don’t want to feel obligated to reply. So I created this new online tool.

This is how it works. For example, if your best friends and family are becoming your new spammers relating to Sarah Palin news,  click below pic and send the URL to them.  Voila, your life will be much easier.  Start using this tool today so you will have more free time.




I plan to add more on this site. So far, I have:

Spam alert for email relating to Sarah Palin

Spam alert for email relating to John McCain

Spam alert for email relating to Barack Obama

Spam alert for email relating to Joe Biden

Think before you click. Frankly, I am getting tired of email protocols.

Some of the readers of this blog may have read this interesting article on Social Networking Services in Japan.

READ: Japan’s Online Social Scene isn’t So Social (Associated Press, September 29)

This is another article worth reading.

READ: Japanese Facebook takes Model T Approach (Japan Times June 25)

But things are more convoluted. I will explore more tips to get your websites exposed to the Japanese market, in my future postings.

Paul Newman has been an amazing icon about “American Culture & Values” to the entire world. He  will be greately missed, on so many different levels. I need to call my brother in Japan tomorrow. He must be devastated now.

Click here for candies in my “Eye Candy Box” page.

Check out when you have time. Enjoy over a glass of wine.

Contents will be upated regularly.

I always love exploring advertisements by nonprofits, and I just could not take my eyes off from these images created by Saatchi & Saatchi.  (AWARE: Verbal Abuse).  These ads tell you everything without using any words. Another perfect example of “Less is More”. One time I worked with strategic planners & researchers of Saatchi and Saatchi, and they were always amazing.

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